From backyard sparkies to Slovenian physics professors our diverse team can solve any curveball thrown at us.

Meet Guzu

Whether you have an idea for a product innovation or need help to develop concepts to solve a challenge, we’ll work with you to solidify your thinking and help the idea take seed. We explore, test and prototype in our GUZU laboratory where we build and assemble working designs to demanding standards. Our branding team then refine and amplify identity and packaging design so it achieves the maximum stand out in your marketplace. With a team made up of scientists, strategists, designers and successful entrepreneurs we pull all the disciplines together to make an idea work as a business, product or service.

 We make this process painless and enjoyable. We work with big, small and micro companies. As long as you believe in your idea and want it to succeed we can help you find a way to make it grow.­ We are a dynamic team of 8 we are a mix of cultures, ages, genders and skill sets. With industry experience across multiple continents, our energetic team is confident in providing stellar solutions to any problem that comes our way.

Tim Mobbs, Founder of Guzu
Tim Mobbs


Jessie, HR manager
Jessie Groom

HR Manager

Russel, Guzu Product designer
Russell Lotric

Industrial Designer

Brand Designer Harriet van Tongeren
Harriet van Tongeren

Brand Designer

Anthony, Digital Designer
Anthony Vyner

Digital Designer

“ You have been a great support from day one mate, you and your team. Who continue to go above and beyond for me and this project. It is certainly noticed and I’m very thankful. ”
– Raphael McGowan

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