Talking Heads – Emily

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Emily, Project Manager

Tell us about lists? Why would you recommend anyone to write lists?
I’m all about that list life. Just because it’s my job to be organised that doesn’t necessarily mean I have a good memory and without lists things begin to fall apart (dramatic I know, but true).

If you’re not a list person, I honestly can’t relate. My suggestion; try to make it a daily habit, start small & build upon it. I promise you won’t regret it!


How do you manage the stress of owning so many tasks?
In our business we live by the mantra to do whatever it takes to serve our customers, which can often mean priorities change at a fast pace. This means more tasks and a whole lot more organising within teams. Some days it can get a bit too much. That’s when I take a short walk by the lake, chuck on my headphones and get in the zone back at my computer. Going for a walk gives me a quick reminder that it is not the end of the world and it will get done! If all else fails, talk with the team. Support from your colleagues can often be underestimated.


What is the greatest lesson in time management you’ve learnt? 
It will always take longer that what you estimate. Give yourself some breathing space when planning your time on a project.

What does the average day look like for an account manager? 
Aside from the couple of daily recurring tasks I keep within our task management program, every day is different. That’s what makes this work exciting and challenging!

What advice would you give a new account manager (one that has to deal with many different personalities).
Always be prepared for change.


What tools do you use daily that make your life easier?

Asana – task management program. What’s good about Asana is that it’s not just a program I love but is something that works for everyone in the office.

Hubstaff – time/project tracking program. Tip: Use a time tracking program that integrates with your task management software. If you can find a program that does both & suits your business processes, then that’s a bonus!


How do you approach meetings with new clients?
Be prepared and don’t assume. Know who you’re going into a meeting with and note everything down!


If you were to pitch for any client in the world who would you want to work with?
I’m currently looking at ways that I can change my habits and better the environment we live in. I’d love to work with brands & clients that offer solutions and are a part of solving the problem we face today with single use plastics & fast fashion.


What are your hobbies in your downtime?
I’m currently new to the dog mum life, which of course means spending ALL of my spare time on her.