Talking heads – Harriet

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You’re from New Zealand, correct?

That’s right!


Has your motherland had an influence on the way you work?

There is something called No.8 wire mentality which describes a Kiwi’s ability to improvise and adapt to solve problems with what they have – as we are so isolated at the bottom of the world we make do with what we’ve got and find a solution. I think this is useful because it means you don’t just quit and say nah too hard, you find a way to figure it out.


Tell us how you got into graphic design?

I had taken a photography class, I’d gotten good marks and enjoyed the creativity of it. There was an option in my final year to take graphic design as a class which I hadn’t until then because I knew I couldn’t draw so thought I would have floundered. I was somehow convinced and took it and then thought well if I like this I’ll go to uni for it – luckily I loved it and was encouraged in my ability!


Tell us about your greatest lesson in graphic design?

The greatest lesson, in general, is that it’s not about aesthetics. It’s not just pretty pictures, design exists to solve problems and communicate ideas.


What tips would you give to an emerging (or new) graphic designer? 

Get work experience, uni is awesome for teaching you how to use design thinking but you also need to know how to manage your workflow, filing systems and how different sized businesses work and what the real world will be like. Freelance too to get more experience with real-life clients and timelines!


Do you have any designers you follow or draw inspiration from?

I follow more agencies than specific people however Tobias can Schneider and Jessica Walsh both generally rock my socks off.


What does innovation mean to you?

To me innovations are those simple things that you think what did I do before this, how did I not think of creating this. Things that transform your way of living.


What are your favourite colours (in hex) or PMS? 

I’m way too easily bored to have favourites in anything in life, but right now I’m really into pink F2C7D3 and red CC231F together.

How do you stay on top of the crazy amount of trends?

I love to look at trends and I like to experiment with them. I’m more likely to unconsciously take a bit from lots of different trends and create a mix of them all making it my own.


Where do you think graphic design is heading into the future? 

I really hope that they don’t just teach an algorithm to do it and that I’ll still have a job.


What would your advice be to businesses looking to hire a graphic designer? 

I would ask the candidates to explain their thought processes and why they did what they did on certain projects, understanding how they think and how they solve problems.


You had a big hand to play in the rebrands of a few of our clients here at GUZU?  Where do you start? 

You have to start with strategic thinking, what does this brand need to achieve. Looking at the history or story of a company is also important for the tone of the brand and potentially some gold nuggets that could influence the visuals.


What advice would you give businesses that want to rebrand? Where should they start?

Understand what you want to get out of your brand. What do you want people to think of your brand and company? Who do you want to target? What purpose does the brand serve?

What is the future of your company – will it expand where will it mostly exist? Asking yourself these questions is very important to help us out.