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Russel, Guzu Product designer

Hi Russel!
Hi Ant

You are a product designer here at Guzu correct?

Yes, I’m an industrial designer.


Tell us how you got into product design?
When I was 12 years old, my art teacher saw potential in me and advised I should pursue the carrier as a designer.  Or at least try to get accepted to art school. After 4 years of high school for industrial design continued with studies of it for another 5 years at Uni, Academy of fine arts and design. That was 18 years ago…


Is there any particular invention that you wished you were the one that invented it?
Yes, spoon. Can you imagine having an IP on it?


Tell us about your greatest lesson in Industrial product design?
The lesson would be that design is never finished. There are always ways of improving or doing it differently. If nothing else you get bored at one point and there is time for a 2.0 version.


What tips would you give to an emerging (or new) product designer?
Listen to your instinct, you have the talent not the other person.


Do you have any designers you follow or inspire to be like?
I do check what my mates from Uni are up to from time to time, otherwise, the only person I follow with interest is Elon Musk. I know he is not a designer, but a great visionary at least.


What does the average process look like (in your words) when it comes to creating a new product from scratch?
Recognizing the problem(s), sleep and finally finding a solution.


What does innovation mean to you?
Making life easier and more fun.


Are you working on any personal projects currently?
Yes. For more information on it, you would need to sign an NDA.


What’s the most fun part of your job?


What do you wish could be invented to make your life easier?

Design button. ?


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